How it all began...

Veronica - Vero Pilates Long Beach

My love story with the Pilates method of exercise began in 2005 while recovering from chronic lower back pain. After my first few lessons with instructor Agustina Luini, I quickly started to notice significant improvement in my range of movement, flexibility, and strength. I was so impressed by these positive changes in my health that the thought of being able to transmit this life-transforming method of exercise to others began to grow in the back of my mind.

Finally in 2008 I was able to take the time to study a full Pilates Instructor international certification course both in mat and studio equipment. I was privileged to study under Teacher Trainers Mabel Cabrera and Luisa Core at the internationally renowned "Pilates Wellness & Energy" school in Madrid, Spain. Obtaining my certification in July 2009, I went on to attend additional courses and training sessions on Pilates during pregnancy, as well as the Fletcher Pilates ABC Foundational Course and Towelwork Course. In addition, in November of 2009 I was certified by the Pilates Method Alliance. Regardless of the size of the class I am working with, my personal goal as a Pilates Instructor is to transmit well-being to each of my students and help them find their personal path to a healthier and happier condition by the practice of the Pilates Method of exercise.

Vero Pilates stands for more than just my nickname. "Vero" in Italian means 'real or authentic'. Try out Vero Pilates to experience for yourself the benefits that the practice of authentic pilates can bring to your life. This open, fresh, and warm space is the perfect setting to take time out from the rush and run of the daily routine and focus for a moment on the needs of your mind and body. I look forward to welcoming you to our studio for a visit.

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